Our CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided-Design/Computer-Aided-Manufacturing)
software allows us to design endless pieces of jewelry.  We are able to
custom design whatever our clients want and then show them a picture
of what the product will look like before we actually create it.  Many
customers bring in old diamonds or stones and then have us reset them
into a pendant or ring they design.  The software also makes it possible
for us to create shadow bands for those engagement rings that are
difficult to find matching wedding sets.
We engrave on a variety of
different materials such as rings,
metal plates (for awards), plastic
signs, silver baby cups and
giftware, glass products such as
toasting goblets, wine and
champagne bottles to celebrate
anniversaries and more.
A laser welder instantly welds metal without the use of heat.  This
machine has revolutionized the jewelry repair industry.  In the past,
broken jewelry with certain precious stones were unrepairable with the
typical torch and solder jewelers use.  The welder makes it possible to
repair or size rings without damaging any stones because of too much
heat.  Also, the same type of metal is welded directly onto the jewelry
completely eliminating the use of solder.
Palecek Company is a full-service jeweler.  We do everything from
making jewelry or ordering standard mountings to all types of jewelry
repair.  We sell all varieties of precious gemstones and diamonds.  
Setting, ring sizing, casting, engraving, creating molds, watch batteries,
polishing, custom jewelry, jewelry repairs, appraisals, buying gold, and
more are all completed first hand by Palecek employees.